The Godly Memorial Scholarship is established in the memory of Godly Thomas, the sister of Sarah Abraham. Godly was born on March 12, 1971 and was promoted to glory unexpectedly on May 3, 1972. Godly was a beautiful, happy and smart baby. Godly was so smart that she learned to both talk and walk by only 10 month of age! Godly always knew how to use her "cuteness" and clever nature to get her older siblings and parents to do whatever she wanted! Her favorite foods were cheese crackers and ice cream. Even though her life on this earth was very short, Godly made a positive impact on the entire Thomas family and all of the people who had the pleasure of knowing her. She is greatly missed by all those who loved her. Even though decades have passed since Godly's passing, her legacy and memory is something that will always impact those who knew her. The Godly Memorial Scholarship is another great example of how Godly will continue to impact the lives of others today and hopefully forever.